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Media Connections

Connecting Media with Business

Let us connect you with your next story with our sources, releases, review opportunities and more.

Media Connections offers journalists access to breaking news, stories and talent in the one convenient place.

Our easy-to-use site and automatic alerts allow you to quickly connect with talent, fresh angles, interesting content, prizes and review opportunities.

As a journalist, you can peruse our broad range of industries and find media releases, quickly view the latest news or subscribe to our Journalist Alerts for automatic news notifications.

Fed directly to you via Email, Journalist Alerts put breaking news in the palm of your hand as you are notified of new releases, interviews, reviews and giveaway opportunities tailored to fields and specifications that are relevant to your news outlet or round.

Media professionals can also reach out to our members directly, calling out for talented spokespeople or fresh information via our Media Opportunity Alert.

We provide you with the ultimate platform to easily connect with your next story.


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Ausfeldii Drive, Spring Gully, Bendigo, City of Greater Bendigo, Victoria, 3555, Australia


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