Podcast Engineering School

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Hello! We are the only school in existence that teaches the professional audio engineering aspects of podcast production. Here you can learn to engineer and produce podcasts at the highest professional level.

Graduates will be well equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee. They will be able to produce podcasts at the best possible sound quality and in less time! Graduates will have expert audio skills, knowledge and techniques that are FAR BEYOND almost everyone else’s in the industry. Podcast production is a booming field now!

Next semester starts soon.

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“The Podcast Engineering School is an absolutely stellar course. It’s amazingly thorough while remaining focused on providing you exactly what you need to become a professional podcast producer.”   

Bryan E

2017 Alumni

Huge Value

“If you are serious about producing podcasts and would like to learn from a true leader in the field, Chris Curran’s Podcast Engineering School is a huge value. This is a lifetime of experience that will benchmark your knowledge among the best in podcast sound engineering. I am now highly aware of the process, production, and importance of professional sound for podcast listeners – and I know how to make it happen!”   

Jim C

2017 Alumni  

Exceeded Expectation

“Podcast Engineering School is a worthwhile and valuable investment for anyone who wants to produce a high quality podcast. Chris is very attentive and accessible for participants, and each class session went far beyond my expectations in terms of what I hoped to learn. Best of all, it’s all very practical, and I’m able to apply it immediately so I can “SOUND GREAT!”   

Barry G

2018 Alumni  

To speak with Chris about Podcast Engineering School, contact him at chris@podcastengineeringschool.com